Re-envisaging the former Corrimal Coke Works

The Corrimal Coke Works closed in 2014 after more than 100 years of metallurgical coke production. Since this time, the Illawarra Coke Company (ICC) has been considering the future of the property. As the land is now surrounded by housing and parkland, investigations have been underway to determine the suitability of the land for housing, community recreation and environmental preservation.

Given the 18-hectare property is directly adjacent to Corrimal Train Station, it delivers an outstanding opportunity to provide affordable and sustainable housing close to public transport. The development of housing adjacent to the station will enliven the station precinct through complementary provision of small scale transit related retail services. The green space of the proposed development will also improve connectivity and provide recreational resources for the entire Corrimal community, while protecting and enhancing local environmental resources.

ICC engaged expert consultants to carefully examine the opportunities and constraints of the property, the needs of the Corrimal community, and to identify and describe important elements that make up the area’s character. This resulted in a well-considered concept plan highlighting the opportunity to provide a range of low-rise housing types to deliver affordable and sustainable housing, and to improve amenity for the entire Corrimal community.

Noting the property’s excellent public transport links, ICC is proposing that 11 hectares of the land be rezoned to R3 Medium Density Residential in a logical extension of similar zoning to the north, north-east and east. Approximately 7 hectares or 39 percent of the property is also proposed to be dedicated to green space for public recreation and conservation.

ICC will submit a Planning Proposal to Wollongong City Council seeking approval for the rezoning of the property including controls around building height, permissible uses and lot sizes. Rezoning this land will ensure a viable and sustainable mix of residential development. It will also be able to accommodate small-scale neighbourhood and commuter services such as neighbourhood shops and childcare, ultimately transforming a dilapidated and underutilised property into a vibrant and activated part of the community.

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We are committed to ensuring the local community is kept updated throughout the planning process. During the public exhibition period, ICC will continue to actively consult with the community, updating this website, responding to questions and through holding information sessions in the local area.

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