Benefits of the rezoning proposal

Rezoning the former Corrimal Coke Works property will ensure a viable and sustainable mix of residential development, which ICC believes will benefit the community in the following ways:

Community activation

  • Adjacent to Corrimal Train Station, the proposed development represents an opportunity to enliven and activate the area around the train station to make public-transit attractive to residents and to the broader community.

Increased connectivity

  • The proposed redevelopment will significantly improve the access between the Corrimal Town Centre and the railway station, community and recreation facilities.

Housing diversity

  • A diversity of housing will be offered at the property which will respond to housing demand and demographics.

New jobs and businesses

  • Redevelopment of the property will include neighbourhood shops, childcare and other local services such as cafes, as well as work from home opportunities which will deliver more than twice the 25 fulltime jobs that the Coke Works property previously supported. The development will offer neighbourhood and commuter services, but at a scale that does not detract from the Corrimal Town Centre.

Increasing the greenlink network, improving recreational resources

  • As part of the proposal, approximately 7 hectares or 39% of the property surrounding the creek to the west and south of the property would be rezoned and dedicated to public recreation. This would provide new parkland, open space and pedestrian and cycle paths. The proposed green space will deliver a recreational resource for residents and the wider community.
  • A “green link” community access path network is proposed that would link Corrimal Beach, the Coke Works property to Robert Ziems Park and associated community facilities, and to the town centre. This will increase connectivity between the property and these community assets and provide new recreational opportunities for residents and the wider community.

Assist in resolving neighbours’ flooding and drainage issues

  • The proposal involves realignment of the degraded North Corrimal Creek, which no longer follows its original course. The realignment will substantially alleviate or resolve the flooding and drainage issues that currently affect residents of Cross Street and part of Railway Street.

Improvements to traffic flow in the area

  • ICC has commissioned a traffic study which shows that proposed upgrades to the intersection of Railway Street and Memorial Drive would significantly reduce the average delay times in the PM peak from 203.5 seconds (current situation) to 69 seconds (after including traffic generated by the proposed development).

Celebration of the industrial heritage of the property

  • The Coke Works’ history will be recognised and celebrated by retaining heritage elements in a public plaza, supplemented by a heritage interpretation plan. ICC will also attempt to retain the historic brick chimney adjacent to the railway line.

Register your interest

We are committed to ensuring the local community is kept updated throughout the planning process. During the public exhibition period, ICC will continue to actively consult with the community, updating this website, responding to questions and through holding information sessions in the local area.

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