Suitability for rezoning

By rezoning the property, the former Corrimal Coke Works will become a lively residential community, improving the attractiveness of the urban environment around Corrimal Train Station and benefitting all Corrimal residents and the Greater Illawarra community. ICC has undertaken extensive investigations and considers the property is suitable for rezoning for the following reasons:

  • Under the Wollongong City Council’s Corrimal Town Centre Plan 2015-2025 and Implementation Plan, the former Corrimal Coke Works property was nominated as a key property to support reshaping the town centre. The proposed rezoning will enable affordable housing options to be offered, while delivering a high-quality urban environment adjacent to recreational space and facilities such as Robert Ziems Park, Corrimal pool and library.
  • The concept plan extends the existing R3 Medium Density Residential zoning to the north, north-east and east of the property. This will maximise transit-oriented living opportunities in the Corrimal area, providing excellent rail, bus and road connectivity.
  • The proposed rezoning will also provide the opportunity to create small scale neighbourhood and commuter services close to the train station (e.g. small neighbourhood shops, cafes, childcare facilities) that can readily be supported by residents without undermining the retail core of the Corrimal Town Centre.
  • The development of the property will provide affordable housing opportunities near the growing innovation employment hub of Wollongong University (8-minute bus ride from the property).
  • Based on an Economic Impact Assessment, continuing industrial uses of the property are not considered viable. The proposed development will support more than twice as many jobs as the Coke Works formerly supported.

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