Revitalising Corrimal Coke Works

Our vision for Corrimal Coke Works is that it will become a community born of diverse people, places and stories that respects the site’s past while showcasing Wollongong’s future as the city of innovation.

We believe the strongest communities are made of diverse people, places, stories and experiences. That’s why we want to create a new kind of place where there’s something for everyone – heritage and modern architecture, beach, bush and parks, community and leisure.

Knowing that this is a special site, we have spent a great deal of time consulting with and listening to the local community and have engaged a team of experts to ensure that this become an exemplar of sustainable urban renewal.

As part of this process we have developed four key principles for the type of place we’re seeking to create.

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We believe in creating a community that’s as diverse as the region itself. We’re planning to create four unique precincts based around the existing heritage, the escarpment, the creek and the parkland, each with its own character. A wide range of architectural styles and materials are proposed to promote character and identity.


We believe in breathing new life into the site’s heritage and green space, and making everyday life easier. Connectivity and access to essentials combines with the preservation and enhancement of the site’s ecology and biodiversity.


From our proud history of coke making, to our unique ecology, we’re a place like no other. Together we will celebrate the stories of the past and build new stories, forging a strong sense of character and identity.


Building on and contributing to Corrimal’s already genuinely friendly and supportive community, we plan to help people to meet, share and connect – with each other and with a site that has been closed to the public for many years.

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